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Last update: 02/13/2020. A nice port (get it. Atlus is one hell of a company. Following up on its success with the Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Etrian Odyssey series, the publisher decided to release a little old game about climbing blocks in a nightmarish hellscape and navigating (sometimes hellish) relationships. Catherine is just as good now as it was in 2011. The question is whether or not the new "Full Body" additions are worth double-dipping for. Catherine: Full Body  (PS4 [reviewed] Vita (Japan only) Developer: Atlus (Studio Zero) Publisher: Atlus Released: February 14, 2019 (Japan) September 3, 2019 (WW) MSRP: 59. 99 Catherine: Full Body is basically a beefed-up, touched-up version of the original. Before I begin it's important to note that this release is 60, and the PS3 version can be purchased for around 15 new, even less used. Catherine Classic  is on Steam for 20. Now I know a lot of you don't own a PS3 or game on PC, but I thought I'd point that out: you can decide if it's worth the difference by the time this review is over. More cutscenes, more characters, more music, more levels, more multiplayer pretty much describes Full Body  to a tee. There's more concessions for a lowered bar of entry with accessibility options, which don't shame the player and still offer up the chance to fully experience the story (with in-game toggles if you just need help on a more difficult part. Wait, puzzles? Yeah, this relationship simulator has puzzles: lots of them! You step into the shoes of Vincent: a 32-something man in a relationship who wakes up in bed with another woman near the beginning of the narrative. Vincent's efficacy as a character and as a metaphor for commitment have been debated over the course of the last seven years; but I think the Catherine  team is capable of striking real, poignant, and relatable chords throughout the story. That's partly because there isn't any real meat on Catherine 's bones. Most of the narrative parts take place in a divey bar, complete with a dedicated drink button, the ability to chat with patrons and friends, and answer text messages from your potential relationships (the count is upped from two to three in Full Body  with Rin. Occasionally you'll get the chance to make major choices that impact the story and converge into one of the (now) 13 endings. It's a unique-as-hell game, dotted with subtle and obvious symbolism for responsibility and adherence to the past. To help facilitate the new story, more anime cutscenes have been added, and the touched-up visual style looks somewhere around the neighborhood of a remaster. It's not like cutting-edge graphics really serve to enhance a game like this that's mostly spent in menus or staring at dialogue boxes, but some of the game's more sanctified puzzle arena backgrounds do look markedly improved. As was always the case, the narrative can be hit or miss. Rin is an interesting character at first, but some of the choices for her story end up not really following through. With that said, she doesn't feel tacked-on at all: like she always meant to be there, and even influences gameplay slightly with her piano-playing skills. Honestly, I'm in it more for the puzzle aspect, and this timeless formula still delivers. Ah, so on those elusive puzzle bits! Imagine  Q*bert  on crack and you'll have the basic gist down. Each evening Vincent is thrust into a "Nightmare. a series of vertical labyrinths stacked on high with cubes. With a simple control scheme in hand (movement, one button to pull/push blocks, and a sparing power-up press) you'll need to grab blocks and climb your way to the top to avoid falling to your doom or getting eaten by a monstrosity (which serve as the level series bookend boss fights. When you hit the top Vincent will wake up, have another living nightmare of a day, then go back at it until he discovers why this is happening. Given the unique rule sets of the block physics and the sheer number of different types strewn about the game, there are frequently multiple ways to solve each tower. The action is also well-paced, as there is a sense of urgency to it all, but in a contained way that doesn't turn Catherine into a button-masher. It's incredible how well this idea holds up eight years later, and how much it forces you to think out of the box: some of the later puzzles are more delightfully devilish than Seymour Skinner. The same goes for the bite-sized in-universe arcade game Super Rapunzel, which apes the main cube concept. Perhaps the most long-lasting Full Body  feature is multiplayer. In case you haven't noticed, Catherine  is basically played as a fighting game at many FGC events. Multiplayer is online-enabled and immediately available (without having to finish the campaign once) with new stages to boot. Local play is also in with the chance to play co-op or versus, the former of which informs the overarching universe of the game with more lore bits. It's the kind of old-school flair you'd expect from Atlus, and with more levels, it's just as resplendent as it was in the original version. Catherine: Fully Body contains many of the blemishes from the original but doubles down on the amount of puzzles, which is a net gain. If you already had your fill though, you may as well catch up on some of the new endings and call it a day. [This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher. ] You are logged out. Login, Sign up Catherine: Full Body reviewed by Chris Carter 8 GREAT Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash. How we score:   The Destructoid reviews guide.

YouTube. Catherine: Full Body Developer Atlus (Studio Zero) Publishers Atlus Release dates February 14, 2019 (Japan) September 3, 2019 (Western countries & Europe) Platforms PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita (Japan only) The love triangle is now a love square! — Tagline Catherine: Full Body is a remake/enhanced port of the 2011 Catherine video game. It was developed and published by Atlus' Studio Zero Team for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and released in Japan on February 14, 2019. The game was localized into English and came to the West on September 3, 2019, although its Vita release was cancelled. The Western release has English-Japanese dual audio. The developers chose the subtitle Full Body due to its relation to full-bodied wine. Full Body is Catherine with more content or depth, like a full-bodied wine. It also sounded more erotic as the developers increased the eroticness a bit. The main voice cast also reprised their roles. Major changes from original Story Rin, Vincent's new neighbor. There is a third love interest named Rin who becomes Vincent's new neighbor as well as the pianist at the Stray Sheep. Rin's involvement in the story causes a split between Catherine and Katherine. Rin does not force herself as Vincent's girlfriend as much as Catherine does and Vincent prevents an intimate relationship from escalating by default. The player needs to go out of their way to begin a relationship with Rin. There are new over 20 new animated cutscenes to further develop the characters of Catherine, Katherine, and Rin. There are 5 new endings: Rin True Ending Rin Good Ending Rin Bad Ending Catherine Alternate Ending Katherine Alternate Ending Vincent's self-reflection. On Day 6, if the player answers enough specific confessional questions to break the mysterious meter, Vincent will proceed to ask himself three intimate questions about what he wants to do with his life. Choosing certain options will begin Rin's branch of the story. Not selecting these certain options at day 6 or not breaking the meter enough prior to it will cause Vincent to go back onto the same route as the original game though new endings for Katherine and Catherine are available on this route. Roderick Lockhart and Abul Bahril are new patron of the Stray Sheep. Atlus USA reworked the localization to remove some transphobic elements relating to Erica Anderson. A particular example is the credits, which originally refer to Erica as "Eric Anderson" with her current name in parenthesis-an example of deadnaming. This remains in the Japanese version, but is changed in the Western release to reflect Erica's identity. [1] 2] Significant plot details end here. Other Some of the environments in the game have different lighting and textures, such as in reality, and also in the Nightmares. For example, the Stray Sheep has a more vibrant interior and is more lit-up. There is also less fog in some of the Nightmare stages. Gameplay Autoplay mode automatically climbs the shortest route. A wide level of difficulty options is also available. Apart from Easy, there is now a Safety mode which is even easier than Easy. No Game Over: Only available on Safety. No Time Limit: Only available on Safety. Skip Puzzle: Players can skip a puzzle segment with a single button for players who hate the block-climbing portion of the game. Only available on Safety. Autoplay: You can leave the difficult segments to the autoplay function which automatically climbs the shortest route. You can disable it at any time while its in operation, using it at your leisure. Only available on both Safety and Easy. There are two modes: Classic" and "Remix" Classic (known as Standard in the Japanese version) enables the option to play the unaltered stages from the first version of game, although they have been adjusted a little. Remix (known as Arrange in the Japanese version) features new mechanics and gimmicks, such as being able to link together a wide variety of blocks. Rin's piano helping Vincent. Rin's piano has the power to halt the collapsing stage, activated automatically when Vincent is in an emergency. A green light appears as the piano's melody is heard. There are more than 500 stages—twice the amount of the original game. This includes new stages for the Rapunzel mini-game which has been renamed "Super Rapunzel. For Rapunzel, players can choose between Standard and Arrange. Like Standard, Arrange also features 128 stages. There are new stages for Babel and Colosseum, and the two game modes can be played immediately and do not need to be unlocked. Both modes now support online play. Some of the effects of the items have been modified. Vincent can view strategies that sheep have told him at save points. The player can now rotate the camera to see behind the stage. The player now no longer has a limit to retrying from game over The Undo system has been reworked. On normal, you start with a maximum of 3 Undos. Your maximum number of Undos can be increased for that stage by picking up Pillows Pillows no longer give extra lives as you now have an unlimited amount If player would die, they automatically use an Undo instead. If the player is out of Undos, they still game over. There is now a meter in the lower right hand corner of the screen displaying the remaining number of Undos. Online changes Multiplayer sheep fun. Catherine: Full Body has an online battle mode, inspired by the competitive scene overseas. Atlus states that they noticed the competitive Catherine scene, which is what lead them to developing online features for the remaster. Note that a PlayStation Plus subscription is required for online multiplayer. There is an online ranking system. Players can choose between ranked matches, which pairs up player of a similar level, or random which involves anyone. In Japan (as the Western release seems cancelled) the game features the ability to cross-save between PS4 and Vita. There is cross-play between PS4 and Vita users. [3] It is mentioned that if the player connects online during single player, they might be able to experience some companionship as you keep climbing the tower into the night, implying possible co op. The number of deaths and the status of players nationwide. Deaths based on the stages in the tower are listed, as well as what type of death (like “falling, ” “crushed, ” etc. "Souls" which resemble small white floating orbs on blocks, appear at sections where other players have died. This will hint at potentially dangerous sections. Editions In Japan, the limited edition includes a slip art box which has the ability to remove a transparent cover revealing the women in their Nero outfits, four-disc soundtrack CD, art book, Nero glasses, and special downloadable content set. Heart's Desire Premium Edition. In North America, the limited edition is called "Heart's Desire Premium Edition. It comes packaged in a box resembling the stages of the game. The game case is now a steelbook and the transparent cover is removed, no longer letting their clothes to be removed. Instead of glasses, it comes with an adorable fat sheep plushie which wears Vincent's underwear. It still has the soundtrack CD, although it's one-disc only featuring the new music, as well as an art book. DLC Ideal Voice Set: For Catherine's Japanese voice, the base game features Miyuki Sawashiro (Catherine's main voice actor) and Mamiko Noto (Elegant Yandere. 9 additional voice-overs are downloadable content. Many of these voice actors have previously played the role of an adulterous lover in other media. The new DLC voices include: Ami Koshimizu: Motherly Love" Aoi Yūki: Fun-Loving Girl" Yui Horie: Selfish Nun" Kana Asumi: Faithful Sweetheart" Haruka Tomatsu: Tsundere Girlfriend" Megumi Toyoguchi: Trendy Gal" Rie Kugimiya: Whimsical Kitten" Rina Satō: Dreamy Mistress" Nana Mizuki: Queen of the Night" Persona 5 Joker Character & Commentary Set. Joker ' from Persona 5 joins the roster of playable characters in Babel and Colosseum with this DLC. It includes special commentary from the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in Babel and adds a special event that can only be seen in this game. Swimsuits for everyone. Horn-Rimmed Glasses: Also known as Nero Glasses, Vincent wears these glasses which allows the player to see many characters in their swimsuits/underwear. Playable Character Set: Unlocks the following additional playable characters for use in the games "Babel" and "Colosseum" modes: Catherine, Katherine, Rin, Orlando, Jonny, Toby, Erica, Boss. The narrators' commentary during Babel changes depending on which character you use. Music Catherine: Full Body contains new music. The 21 soundtrack includes: Silent Sheep (main menu theme) YO (Acid Jazz ver) Thus Spoke Brooks (Smooth Jazz ver) Tomorrow (Rin's theme) Have a good day Sorrow Recollection Hehe Doors of Possibilities Hymn Stairway to Space Ride of the Valkryies Moonlight Sonata, Op. 27-2 The Truth Is. Ode to Rapture Music Box of Joy The wolves we're born to be! Invitation Colosseum Friend Match Rapunzel: Full Body Reception Reviews of the game has been generally positive, with many reviewers mentioning Full Body adds new memorable content, as well as improved features over the original. Full Body is considered by many to be the definitive version of Catherine. In Japan, Full Body is "Share-blocked" to prevent streaming and prevent spoilers on the Internet, with no news of a patch to remove it in the future. [4] On Day 6, a few minutes after Vincent discovers a revelation about Rin, the game stops streaming. This also applies to the Western version which is the same situation. This is reminiscent of Persona 5 which is still Share blocked for the entire game, despite that it has been out since the middle of 2017. It is unknown if a patch to remove it eventually will be released, similar to how Kingdom Hearts games on PS4 (specifically, the movies and 0. 2) received a patch to enable Share functions later. Atlus' anti-streaming policy has been criticized because players still use capture cards and PS4's Remote Play, and spoilers end up online anyway. LGBT portrayals and transphobia accusations Before the game's release, Rin's character received some in the west controversy due to the possibility that Rin's character may be handled poorly. [5] When the game was released in Japan, the Rin proved to be rather uncontroversial. However, there was controversy due to Erica's portrayal in Catherine Alternate Ending originating on Twitter and ResetERA claiming that the game and/or its developers are transphobic because Erica has not transitioned in the alternate timeline. However, Erica's lines suggest that she could still transition. Also claimed this was the "happy" ending and Catherine rewrote history to make everyone's lives better, although this is never confirmed by the game. Vincent's response to seeing Rin naked, has also been subject to scrutiny. Vincent's negative reaction to the reveal includes him slapping Rin's hand away, which was included in one of the promo materials for the game. This lead some people to believe that the extent of his reaction was far more severe than it actually was in game. The story afterwards is about Vincent feeling remorseful and wanting to make it up to Rin. It is also important to note that characters like Vincent and Toby do not speak for the game's developers, and just because Vincent may express transphobia, it does not mean that the game's developers condone it. It is common for writers to disagree with the views of their characters/protagonists. However, many of the grievances towards the original version of the game can also apply to Full Body; for example, while trans people are not obligated to reveal their status to their dating partners or anyone else, Erica still does not reveal her status to Toby before they have sex, which could be perceived as Erica being inconsiderate to Toby's feelings. Some people felt it was distasteful that Rin turns out to be an alien. Critics felt that this portrayal encourages the idea that people who have abnormal or unusual behavior are less than human. However the intent of the reveal was to give Rin an even more outlandish secret for Vincent to accept, order to reinforce the themes of accepting the person you love for the person that they are. In fact, if the player pursues Rin's route Vincent completely accepts Rin for who they are and the two travel the galaxy. The Trivia for Tonight. The logo. The logo is meant to be reminiscent of a woman's rear. The Japanese release of the game is on Valentine's Day. There is a free demo on PlayStation 4 which lets the player play the first hour of the game. It is unknown if a PC version of Full Body will be released later, similar to Catherine Classic. Fans have made a petition aimed at Atlus for a way to save Steve Delhomme, or, at the very least, add more Steve fanservice. [6] Fans sort of got what they wanted with the Catherine Alternate Ending. Although Steve is not mentioned, he is presumably alive in this ending, as Paul is too. External links Website (English) Website (Japanese) Catherine: Full Body on PlayStation Store Videos Catherine Full Body - First Look Trailer (PS4) 2018 Trailer. 『キャサリン・フルボディ』TVCM15秒映像 15 second trailer. 『キャサリン・フルボディ』プロモ―ション映像 第2弾 Trailer #2. 『キャサリン・フルボディ』プロモ―ション映像 第3弾 Trailer #3. Catherine Full Body Fine Wine Trailer Western Release Announcement Trailer. Catherine Full Body Death By Nightmare Western Trailer #2. Gallery Art Original logo. Final logo (Japanese. Final logo (English. Vincent surrounded by Katherine, Catherine and Rin. Vincent on Rin. The trio. Wallpaper. Screenshots Wake Title screen (Catherine variant. Title screen (Katherine variant. Title screen (Rin variant. The 3 love interests on the piano menu. Option to change Catherine's voice. Trisha's new look. Trisha with the Persona 5 cast. Vincent and his friends in high school. Vincent in high school. Katherine in high school. Catherine in high school. Vincent resting on Catherine's lap. Vincent blocking a chainsaw. Katherine entering a helicopter. Rin and Vincent. Catherine and Vincent in the Stray Sheep bathroom. Catherine and Vincent. Rin at the bar. Rin with the group. Nightmare Vincent in a nightmare. Landing. Confessional. Katherine vs Catherine. Multiplayer. Rin vs Boss. Erica vs Toby. Game Information Game Info   Gameplay   Puzzle Mechanics   Items   Block Types   Enemies   Difficulties   Scoring   Techniques.


Even eight years after its initial release, theres still nothing quite like the fever dream that is Catherine. It remains an excellent fusion of thrilling block pushing puzzle mechanics and an exciting love story about the deathly consequences of infidelity. Catherine: Full Body is a complete re-release of the 2011 PS3 classic with a slew of added extras including online versus, a handful of new endings, a new remix mode, and most substantially, a completely new character named Rin that gets stitched into the story, adding a few hours of new gameplay and cutscenes. These extras arent quite enough to justify a full 60 price tag for returning customers, but for those that missed out on Catherines twisted tale of love and deceit, Full Body is a temptation worth giving into. For the uninitiated, Catherine is part action puzzle-platformer, part visual novel/dating sim. Its unusual story takes place over the course of several days and centers around the turbulent love life of the at times frustratingly dumb, but deep down good hearted Vincent Brooks. Vincent is in a stable but stagnant relationship with his former high school crush, Katherine, and is having trouble committing to taking that next step. This simple setup sends you on a roller coaster of emotion when Vincent meets Catherine, a blonde bombshell who offers a new relationship option: One that isnt burdened by the immense stress and expectations for the future that comes with being with Katherine. Catherines story is a definite high point, telling a dark and mature tale that molds itself based around the kind of person you want Vincent to be. Youre asked a multitude of moral questions over the course of Catherine, such as “does life begin or end at marriage, ” and your decisions affect not only the outcome of the story, but also how Vincent reacts to big moments. Its a very neat twist on the “light side/dark side” mechanic that was so prevalent in games around 2011, actually forming its alignment based on questions it asks you rather than questions it asks your character. That said, Catherine has a frustrating tendency to present highly dramatic scenes that seem impossible for Vincent to navigate out of with his relationships intact, but then ends them abruptly before anything is resolved. As an example, a lunch between Katherine and Vincent gets extremely tense when Vincent hears Catherines voice; as she starts making her way to the smoking area where he is, Vincent goes to the bathroom and the scene just ends. Its like the writers wrote themselves into a corner and just decided to put a period and move on to the next page, leaving both me and any satisfying resolution to that build up hanging. There are a few other similar instances, but if youre able to look past them, Catherine is still very engrossing. Its characters are charming and relatable, and they actually get even better in Full Body thanks to the addition of Rin. Love Quadrangle Atlus did a wonderful job of making sure Rins arc didnt feel tacked onto the main plot of Catherine. Its woven directly into the already existing story. After getting rescued by Vincent from a mysterious pursuer, Rin starts work at the Stray Sheep Bar as their resident piano player, and also moves in as Vincents next door neighbor. From there, Rin appears periodically in cutscenes both at the bar and at Vincents apartment complex, with new scenes and re-recorded transitions that truly make Rin feel like a natural part of the cast. It also helps that Rin is just adorable, and brings out a side of Vincent that we never really got to see before It also helps that Rin is just adorable, and brings out a side of Vincent that we never really got to see before. One that is genuinely kind, thoughtful, and removed from having to deal with either the stress of his strained relationship with Katherine, or the guilt and fear that comes with his infidelity with Catherine. Rin also has probably my favorite romance route in Full Body, complete with an extra chapter that wasnt present in the original game and some downright wild scenes that are best seen for yourself. Edge, Edge, Edge, Edge Catherines story is great, but its the absurdly deep and rewarding puzzle gameplay that keeps me coming back. At night, when Vincent goes to sleep, he turns into a sheep-man and is plagued by nightmares that you must play through in order to survive to the next day. Conquering the nightmare is a wonderfully frantic challenge as youre forced to quickly climb a tower by pushing and pulling individual blocks to make stairways and bridges, all while avoiding various traps, hazards, and all other forms of nastiness. It may sound straightforward on paper, but once the towers start to get a little more complex and the hazards a little more hazardous, Catherine has my brain firing on all cylinders like few other puzzle-platformers do. Whether its by getting on a roll and deftly climbing 50+ stories without stopping, or the tension of slowing down to figure out how to fix a mess Ive gotten myself into. The puzzle design is extremely flexible and allows for so much improvisation. Theres really nothing quite like it. For those who are looking for a new challenge, Full Body adds a Remix Mode that throws in large tetris-like blocks that must be moved all at once, or sometimes are unable to be moved at all. Remix was definitely worth playing through for a fresh experience and certainly ups the difficulty by throwing in very unwieldy blocks, but I still personally prefer the classic mode. Remix mode can feel inconsistent with some levels that worked great, others that had extremely easy layouts that required very little thought, and others still that were so puzzle heavy that they felt like they had just one solution, removing the improvisational element that makes Catherine so special. While Remix Mode, Rin, and the inclusion of a new alternative ending for both Catherine and Katherine are the biggest additions to Full Body, there are a number of quality of life improvements as well. Theres now a retry assist option that you can toggle on and off that allows you to undo the last move you made before you died instead of just sending you straight to the game over screen. Its a great option both because it means you arent forced to watch that screen a million times and also because it turns undos into a valuable currency as opposed to just something you use before realizing that youre in too deep with your mistake and have to inevitably hit retry. On top of that, Vincent can thankfully now view previously learned techniques from the save menu, theres a ton of new music from various Atlus games that you can unlock and play in the Jukebox (including some choice songs from various incredible Persona soundtracks) the Rapunzel arcade game has a new set of levels, and theres now a fully featured online competitive mode. Unfortunately, even with all of these impressive improvements, nothing will save us from the voice that still says “New Record! ” every time you take a new step in Babel. Verdict Catherine is a timeless classic, and Full Body does a great job of adding meaningful new content and plenty of small tweaks that breathe fresh life into it. Its the perfect entry point for those who missed the 2011 original. It may be a little too familiar for those who already experienced everything Catherine had to offer eight years ago, but theres still value to be had with Rins excellent story arc, remix mode, online multiplayer, and plethora of new puzzles.


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