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HBO is the latest company to suffer a hack and subsequent leak of shows. Hackers are said to have breached the network's security and gained access to 1. 5TB of data including Game of Thrones scripts and unaired episodes of shows. Episodes of Ballers  and  Room 104 have been leaked online, but it is the release of what appears to the script to next week's Game of Thrones that's drawing the most attention. See also: If you're downloading Game of Thrones, HBO has its eye on you The hack and leak was first reported by Entertainment Weekly who quotes HBO as saying: HBO recently experienced a cyber incident, which resulted in the compromise of proprietary information. We immediately began investigating the incident and are working with law enforcement and outside cybersecurity firms. Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold. " At the moment it is not clear whether the hackers have managed to obtain unseen episodes of Game of Thrones, but the purported script for episode four of the show has been leaked. There's also the promise that more will be "coming soon. " In an email, an anonymous person said: Hi to all mankind. The greatest leak of cyber space era is happening. Whats its name? Oh I forget to tell. Its HBO and Game of Thrones. You are lucky to be the first pioneers to witness and download the leak. Enjoy it & spread the words. Whoever spreads well, we will have an interview with him. HBO is falling. This is far from the first time HBO has experienced problems with Game of Thrones. Last year the plot of season seven leaked online, and the show remains popular with pirates as episodes continue to appear on torrent sites. Image credit: Katja El Sol / Shutterstock.

“If you look at what is involved in an insider leaking intellectual property, it used to involve physically carrying something out of the building that was big and heavy. Or in the case of a movie, a can of film, ” says Ford. “Now its a file transfer. ” Taken together, the Mr. Smith hack and that initial Game of Thrones leak would have already constituted one of the most high-profile month of security lapses the entertainment industrys recent history. But remember, that was just week one. Two lesser—but still damaging, and embarrassing—trip-ups still followed. On August 16, HBO played itself. In an incident unrelated to the Mr. Smith hack, or the Star India leak, HBO Nordic and HBO España aired this Sundays episode of Game of Thrones for an hour—plenty of time for it to land on torrent sites. “The error appears to have originated with a third-party vendor and the episode was removed as soon as it was recognized, ” said HBO Europe spokesperson Tom Nielsen in a statement. The key phrase, again, being “third-party. ” Lastly, or at least most recently, came the OurMine hack. The group caused minimal damage, leaving a message that read, “Hi, OurMine are here, we are just testing your security, HBO team please contact us to upgrade the security. ” HBO regained control of its account within an hour. “The infringement on our social media accounts was recognized and rectified quickly, ” says HBO spokesperson Jeff Cusson. But the OurMine incident, in addition to adding literal insult to injury, also shows two distinct types of security threats. 'Youve got a lot of people having access to property which is very valuable. —Stephen Cobb, ESET' First, companies under fire tend to draw attention from other hackers. Sony, for instance, suffered 20 breaches in two months following its devastating 2014 hack. “Any high-profile hack will create elements of a dogpile and copycat, if we want to include both dog and cat in our analoty, ” says Cobb. “That organization is suddenly in the limelight. You also have copycats, where you have people out there saying wow, some of these big studios dont have perfect security. ” On a more practical level, the OurMine Twitter takeover offers a textbook example of credential-stealing, a pervasive attack that can cause a lot more damage than just social media exposure. “Spearphishing attacks are increasingly common and with the right amount of reconnaissance on the target, they can be the quickest way to obtain credentials for email accounts, cloud storage or even social media profiles, ” says Jérôme Segura, lead malware intelligence analyst at security firm Malwarebytes. Its unclear if OurMine used that method specifically, but it seems like a likely route. Six Feet Under If any silver lining can emerge from HBOs stormy few weeks, it may be that it illustrates just how many attacks a company has to defend against—and how to deal with them when they do occur. “What youre looking at here, with a digital business like HBO, is an ever-expanding attack surface. You have complexity, you have applications, third-party partners, social media, ” says Jeff Pollard, security analyst at Forrester Research. “Any one of those could be the pathway for an attacker to get in. ” As HBO has learned, defending against all of those threats simultaneously can feel a bit like defending Kings Landing against dragons and White Walkers and whatever Little Fingers up to. But its at least possible to adopt a mindset that helps minimize the damage. “From a defense standpoint, its all about being able to protect your data wherever its gone, and understanding how that data is ultimately leaving your control, ” says Forcepoints Ford. “A lot of the time in security were focused on inbound, were very threat-centric. But looking outbound, protecting that data wherever it is, is a paradigm shift wed do well to execute on. ” Otherwise, absent more details about how the Mr. Smith hack happened in the first place, the best steps to take are also the simplest. “The majority of the time, the lessons that are learned from these sort of events is that basic security principles and basic security hygiene are often not followed, ” says Pollard. Even a step as using two-factor authentication, for instance, could forestall potential Twitter takeovers. Ultimately, the HBO hacks have proven less severe than what Sony suffered three years ago. Personal emails have not been publicly aired, and the leaks of shows so far dont seem to have put a dent in viewership. A very bad month has not turned as catastrophic as it first seemed it might have. Then again, were only two weeks in.

This weekend, the same email landed in the inboxes of an untold number of entertainment journalists. “1. 5 TB of HBO data just leaked. ” screamed the subject header, while the email itself, addressed "to all mankind. promised “the greatest leak of space era” and a link to a site that hosts an unreleased Game of Thrones script and not-yet-aired episodes of Ballers, Insecure, Room 104, and Barry. According to the hackers, theres plenty more where that came from. HBO has confirmed that an attack happened, though not the scope. “There has been a cyber incident directed at the company which has resulted in some stolen proprietary information, including some of our programming, ” wrote HBO chairman and CEO Richard Plepler in an email to employees. With streaming hacks like this one, though, it remains to be seen if size correlates with impact. The Hack On Sunday morning, an email from an unnamed group—though they appear to have adopted the tagline “HBO is falling”—went out to reporters, telling them, “You are lucky to be the first pioneers to witness and download the leak. Enjoy it & spread the words. ” In addition to the link mentioned above, the email also included contact information for HBO communications VP Jeff Cusson. Details of the hack itself are scarce, and HBO declined to comment on what it deemed an ongoing investigation. But unlike other recent high-profile Hollywood hacks, which relied on lax third-party security systems, the HBO hackers claim to have compromised HBO itself. “We successfully penetrated HBOs huge network and gathered most imporatnt [sic] files and films & scripts and so on, ” one of the hackers wrote in an email to WIRED, promising both full episodes of Game of Thrones and upcoming feature films (presumably HBO originals. The hacker, identified in the email as “Mr. Smith, ” also claimed to have “obtained alot [sic] about HBOs staff and internal stuff. ” None of this has been verified, and hackers frequently overstate their claims. If true, though, this may ultimately resemble the Sony hack of 2014 more than Netflixs recent Orange Is the New Black leak— which would be especially troubling for HBO. Whos Affected? Well, HBO for starters. The casts, crews, and creators of the various series that ended up online. And any fans desperate enough to get a sneak peek at Ballers that they would download a file from a hacker-hosted website (or, likely soon enough, torrent it. In truth, the answer to this question depends enough on the next question that well get right into it. How Serious Is This? The leaking of unreleased shows has proven in the past to be, well, not that serious. Its not ideal! But as pirated content continues to fall out of favor—BitTorrent traffic is about a fifth of what it was in 2011, according to network-equipment company Sandvine—the impact of shows leaking in the murkier depths of the internet has proven muted. HBO knows that as well as anyone; in 2015, nearly half of Game of Thrones season five landed online ahead of its television debut. Even so, that seasons premiere set a record at the time for viewership, with an audience just shy of 8 million. Similarly, theres no reason to expect that obscure online availability will do much to crimp either Insecure or Ballers. The eventual scope could differentiate this leak, though. As the Sony hack demonstrated, internal emails can do serious financial and reputational damage, both to a company in general and individuals within it. Airing dirty laundry has a higher ceiling for harm than airing Room 104. The hackers dont appear to have asked for money (although what conversations they may have had, if any, with HBO prior to the release are unknown) which implies that, short of law enforcement action, there may not be a way to prevent future leaks. In which case the most important remaining question may not be how much data is left to leak but what kind. Additional reporting by Andy Greenberg.


Liam Cunningham and Kit Harington in "Game of Thrones" HBO/Helen Sloan) Future scripts for the popular series may be leaking online thanks to a hack of the network's servers Gabriel Bell July 31, 2017 5:44PM (UTC) A hack of HBO's servers may have allowed data and video from future episodes of several of the network's many shows to be leaked online sources talking to Entertainment Weekly have said. The hackers are claiming to have stolen 1. 5 terabytes of data from HBO's system. “HBO recently experienced a cyber incident, which resulted in the compromise of proprietary information, ” HBO confirmed to Entertainment Weekly. “We immediately began investigating the incident and are working with law enforcement and outside cybersecurity firms. Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold. ” Reportedly, the cache of stolen data includes full, yet-to-be-released episodes of the network's shows "Ballers" and "Room 104" as well as an alleged script from the upcoming episode four of the seventh season of "Game of Thrones. EW reports that, More is promised to be 'coming soon. Yesterday, claims of the hack were sent to a number of media outlets through an email that read. Hi to all mankind. The greatest leak of cyber space era is happening. Whats its name? Oh I forget to tell. Its HBO and Game of Thrones……. It continued, You are lucky to be the first pioneers to witness and download the leak. Enjoy it & spread the words. Whoever spreads well, we will have an interview with him. HBO is falling. " As of now, no credible media outlet has stepped forward with an interview from any alleged hacker or forwarded details of how one may view or read any of the data allegedly procured and leaked by the supposed perpetrators (Salon won't either. Indeed, outside of HBO's confirmation that there was an attack of some sort, there is no final word on whether any of the leaked content is the real deal. Advertisement: EW also obtained an internal email sent to HBO employees by chairman and CEO Richard Plepler: As most of you have probably heard by now, there has been a cyber incident directed at the company which has resulted in some stolen proprietary information, including some of our programming. Any intrusion of this nature is obviously disruptive, unsettling, and disturbing for all of us. I can assure you that senior leadership and our extraordinary technology team, along with outside experts, are working round the clock to protect our collective interests. The efforts across multiple departments have been nothing short of herculean. It is a textbook example of quintessential HBO teamwork. The problem before us is unfortunately all too familiar in the world we now find ourselves a part of. As has been the case with any challenge we have ever faced, I have absolutely no doubt that we will navigate our way through this successfully. If the hacker (or hacker's) claims are proven true, it would not the first time a major studio or distributor has suffered a serious data breach that not only compromised internal communications, but let spill content and spoilers. On top of the massive Sony Studios leak of 2014, the recent "Pirates of the Caribbean" film appeared online before its official release and Netflix has suffered its fair share of leaks. In 2015, Game of Thrones" itself underwent a similar crisis as the first four episodes of season 5 appeared online before their debuts. HBO has since improved its screening security system. MORE FROM Gabriel Bell • FOLLOW @GabrielJBell.
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