The trophies attached to PvP were one of the key benefits to do it since: You can get more gold via explore. You don't have to deal with meta loop teams in other game modes. You can't farm for medals in PvP. The only thing left in PvP now is glory as you can get trophies doing pretty much everything else. Speaking as someone who consistently places in the top 20 on the leaderboard, I don't know if it's worth bothering to do it anymore. level 1 Hope for pet gnomes? My policy on it remains unchanged, that I'll get up to T1 on Mondays for the free glory throughout the week (even if it's only a little bit) while using some class I need to level because of the 2xp, and hope I get some pet events. level 2 Yeah if everyone switches to explore there will be no more rescues. Ooh, what a coincidence, we can now get one for 20 / in the same patch. level 2 Exactly, OP's wording made it sound like Trophy gains have been nerfed for PvP but it's the same. I'm happy with this change, even if you want to collect Trophies you can do what you enjoy and not forced to do PvP/events. level 1 PvP was one of the things they could not figure out how to fix, so they expanded the game beyond it and made it obsolete. I'm glad for that because PvP is just a frustration. PvP boils down to: Meta loop explosion team who might beat you on turn 1 Fire Bombs or other obvious loss teams Trolling ultra defensive teams that cannot do enough damage to win, but can gain enough health to not lose for 20 minutes. None of those three are fun. level 1 What are trophies used for, anyway? Leader board? level 1 Curious why you say explore gives more gold. For me explore 12 gives less gold than what I generally get from 3 Trophy rPvP level 2 They could be using double Cedric, Skeleton Key teams. Those will net you more gold/battle than PvP. I don't know how speed compares. level 2 Double Cedric egg thief key team lets you for the most part just mindlessly farm explore. But it reduces the game to just mashing cast on egg thief and key. There is no real thinking or planning compared to PvP level 2 Urskaya explore on level 12 with the Scorpius team will make you 300k+ gold per hour. Imo a better option then the Cedric teams level 1 If you have a good team I think it's still the best option for gold farming. level 2 People generally say explore gives more gold. And explore also gives you medals and arcane traitstones which are both important for maxing out a troop.

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